Associate and sisters

Associates of the Order of Saint Helena

Christian women and men who wish to establish a special relationship with us for deepening their spiritual life may apply to become an Associate of the Order of Saint Helena. We consider our Associates as extended family and appreciate your friendship and communication with us over the continuing years of our mutual support.

Sisters pray daily for Associates and offer intercessions for those who have asked prayers for particular concerns. Associates are remembered during our Eucharist on their birthday and, after the death of an Associate, on the anniversary of death.

We ask Associates to pray daily for the sisters, for our monastic life and ministries. Associates may invite us to bring programs and retreats to their parishes and help us to promote monastic life in The Episcopal Church. Our Associates’ friendship, prayers, and contributions help to sustain the Order of Saint Helena.

Application to become an Associate

When you apply to become an Associate, we encourage you to write a Rule of Life. Conversation with a spiritual director, priest or minister, or with a sister may help to focus intentional action for your own well-being and that of your loved ones, and to help with the healing of the world.

The Service of Reception of an Associate may be held in our convent chapel, or at the parish church of the applicant, or in another suitable location. If a sister is not present, a priest or minister may officiate at the service. The Associate receives a simple wooden cross, which may be worn at any time.

We have both priest and lay Episcopal Associates, as well as members of other Christian denominations. Associates are encouraged to visit our convent in North Augusta SC, and to engage with us through our Facebook page.

We are a far-flung family, with Associates in several countries around the world and most especially throughout the United States. Early on, we established convents in three regions of the country–the Northeast, Southeast, and Northwest–and have enjoyed long-lasting, close friendships through Associates retreats and personal visits.

Sr. Rosina, OSH in Ghana

Sr. Rosina, OSH (center) in Ghana

Hundreds of women and men in Ghana are faithful Associates, primarily through the work and witness of Sr. Rosina Ampah, OSH.  Sr. Rosina originally came to us from Ghana.   She continues her ministry for chaplaincy work in the US and with Ghanaians.

We also have many faithful Liberian and Bahamian Associates because of our mission work in those countries.

For more information on becoming an Associate, contact:

Sister Ann Prentice, OSH
Sister for Associates