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If you are discerning a vocation to the religious life, you are invited to attend our COME AND SEE WEEKEND, September 1-3, 2017. We look forward to hearing from you!

Becoming a Sister

It might begin as a question or a desire.  Sometimes it is a seeking; sometimes a response to God inviting and urging a woman to give herself wholeheartedly to a life of prayer and service and to community life.  Discernment and conversation about entering monastic life has many origins.  We are glad to hear your story.

If you are curious about God’s invitation and if you are:

  • A single woman between 21 and 50 years of age;
  • A baptized member of The Episcopal Church or a church in communion with The Episcopal Church;
  • In good mental and physical health; and
  • Free of debt and dependents,

we invite you to explore monastic vocation with us.  If you have a strong affinity for community life, are a faithful, compassionate leader and self-starter, and engage life with prayer and a spirit of adventure and joy, you might discover yourself at home in the Order of Saint Helena.

One opportunity for deeper exploration is our Labor Day “Come and See” weekend, open to women considering a vocation to monastic life.  We would love to see you this year, Sept 1-3, 2017!


To have more conversation, contact us by email.