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Current and back issues of saint helena

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August 2016


Articles by OSH sisters about ministry and witness "on the edge"

Associates' column: Ndobaa nyame kese (God's Abundant Gifts), by OSH Associate Rhonda Rogers

"Come and See" Inquirers' Weekend

Events and Announcements

May 2016


"Jesus throws a beach party," a sermon by Sr. Benedicta, OSH

"Through These Sisters," by Kevin Sharpe

Associates Column, by The Rev Ted Pardoe, Greenwich CT

An Invitation to Listen (and Respond)

"Come and See" Inquirers' Weekend

Events and Announcements

January 2016

The New Convent: Please Come Inside

The Tortoise and the Heron, A Sermon by The Rev Carol Andrew, OSH
Feast of The Baptism of Christ

Associate: Welcoming, Inviting, Encouraging through Generations, by Sr Ann Prentice, OSH

Associates Column, by Jo Rayfield, Augusta GA

Events and Announcements

November 2015

70 Years: we begin a new lifetime

Catching up with you catching up with us

Events and Announcements

August 2015

Invitation to 70th Anniversary Celebration and Dedication of the New Chapel

A Feast Day of Saint Helena, sermon by Sr. Linda, OSH

A Ministry Renewed, by Sr. E.S. OSH

General Convention: historic and hopeful, by Sr. Miriam Elizabeth, OSH

Sr Ruth’s 50th Anniversary of Life Profession

Annual Community Photo and Announcements

April 2015

A Chapel Rises in North Augusta, South Carolina: photos of the construction of our new chapel and convent

Associates' Column, by Nancy Valenti, OSH Associate

Programs, Events and Announcements

November 2014

New Life In Christ: honoring the life of Sr. Elsie, OSH (1924-2014) and honoring the life of Sr. Cintra Pemberton, OSH (1935-2014)

It's Happening! More photos of new convent construction

Programs, Events and Announcements

September 2014

Breaking Ground for the New Convent of Saint Helena in North Augusta SC

Photos of the new convent construction

Associates Column by Melissa Senf

Programs, Events and Announcements

June 2014

For Love of God: Moving into Stability, by Ellen Francis, OSH

... and Prayer Holds it All Together: reflections on their chosen ministries by OSH sisters

Programs, Events and Announcements

Photos of Sr. Miriam Elizabeth's first profession of annual vow

February 2014

How can it be?! by Laurie Ljubojevic, Applicant to OSH

Programs, Events and Announcements

Associates' Column, by The Very Reverend Billy J Alford

Arise, go up to Bethel, and settle there (Gen 35:1), by Sr Faith Anthony, OSH

A Different Rhythm: Gifts of the Daily Office by Kristen Pitts, VTS Seminarian

Holy Week and Easter schedule at the convent

December 2013

Surely God is in this Place: Blessing of the New Convent Land, October 26, 2013

Architect's renderings of the new convent chapel and refectory

Programs, Events and Announcements

Is there a Future for Monasticism in the Episcopal Church?, by Sr. Ellen Francis, OSH

Associates' Column, by Phyllis Leppert, MD

Three Questions

August 2013

INVITATION to the Blessing of the Land for the New Convent!

Architect's renderings of the new convent chapel and refectory

Mission Statement and Core Values for OSH

Associates' Column

Ascension Day photos

eBreviary and ePsalter available

Calling all math whizzes

Programs, Events and Announcements

May 2013

Here it Really Begins: thoughts after Life Profession, by Sr. Faith Anthony, OSH

A Friend of the Southern Poverty Law Center, by Sr. Ruth Juchter, OSH

Co-Exist: contemplative prayer for peace and justice, led by Sr. Linda Elston, OSH

Programs and Announcements, including report on progress with architectual plans

April Associates Abound!, by Sr. Ann Prentice, OSH

Beauty Bears Witness, new blog by Sr. Miriam Elizabeth, n/OSH

February 2013

Come Rejoice with Us: Sr. Faith Anthony, OSH Life Profession

A Sermon for Epiphany 4, by Sr. Ellen Francis, OSH

Programs, Events, Announcements

"Ode to Spring", a poem by Sr. Ellen Stephen, OSH

Associates' Column, by The Rev Nathaniel W Pierce

December 2012

Sr. Cornelia Ransom, OSH: "Servant, Well Done"

Programs, events and announcements

Associates' Column, by The Rev. Judy Gay

"Giving Thanks", a sermon by Sr. Ellen Stephen, OSH

September 2012

Our new guesthouse opening for you!

General Convention, 2012

Programs and announcements

Community news and photos

OSH Life History Project, by associate Donna S. Mote

And, here is a link to the Saint Helena "dancing nuns"!

Dancing Nuns on YouTube

May 2012

Moving Forward: the journey is on!

Nassau Associates Gathering, by Sr. Grace, OSH

What's in a Name, by Sr. Miriam Elizabeth, n/OSH

God in all the Ups and Downs, sermon preached for Ascension Day, preached by Sr. Carol Andrew, OSH

Community News and Celebrations

Programs and Announcements

March 2012

The Word was made flesh and died as we die, by Sr Carol Andrew, OSH

Sermon for the Feast of the Epiphany, by Sr Faith Anthony, OSH

New convent in the works: planning

From Georgia to Georgia, by OSH Associate Ashlie Sandoval

Pray-ers in Prison

Programs, Celebrations, Announcements

November 2011

Saint Helena Series for Spiritual Growth

If I could teach only one thing about spirituality, by the sisters of OSH

Happily ever after, by Sr. Linda, OSH

Announcements, Programs, Celebrations

September 2011

New Land! New Future! by Sr. Ellen Francis, OSH

Garments of Praise, by  Sr.  Grace, n/OSH

The Rev. Canon Mary Michael Simpson, OSH
December 1, 1925 - July  20, 2011, by Sr. Cintra Pemberton, OSH

The Beautiful Cloth: Stories and Proverbs of Ghana, a new book by The Rev. Canon Rosina Ampah

Announcements, Programs, Celebrations

May 2011

Photos: Spring beauty, Easter glory

A Sermon For All Seasons, Sr. Linda Elston

Associates' Column by Rhonda Rogers, Houston TX

Welcome Laura Szachewicz

Photos: Easter Season, Springtime

Announcements and Events

January 2011

St. Helena, Seeker of the True Cross - an interview with Associate Harriet Speer

The Steady Living of the Crucified Life, by Sr. Linda Julian

The Order of St. Helena and the Order of the Holy Cross

The Church That Was Made by Music: New Year's Eve 2010

Announcements and Events

November 2010

Called to Vision: the Now and the Coming

The Key to "Losing It": God's Mercy and Grace, edited sermon by Sr. Grace, OSH

A Conversation with Sr. Ellen Stephen, OSH

The Origins of the name "Blaise"

Some Jottings, by Sr. Ruth, OSH

Photos, events and announcements

September 2010

1945-2010 Sixty-five Years for OSH

Back to the Future: contributions by sisters on our past, present, and future

Events and announcements

May 2010

Spirit Flowing:

Postulant Lesley Morgan, "View from One Week In"

Sr. Faith Anthony, "Being Christ's"

Sr. Grace, "Clothed in Grace"

Sr. Linda Julian, "Being Lived"

Sr. Ellen Francis, "Remain as You Are"

Events and announcements

March 2010

Sr. Ellen Stephen, "Hospitality: a monastic tradition"

"Seeking Meaning?" Might you be called to monastic life in the Episcopal Church? Read what makes this life 'click' for several OSH sisters

Talented women: A Few of our Prayers; A Few of our Poems; A Few of our Artists

New Members; Comings and Goings; Retreats and Special Services

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