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About the Order of Saint Helena

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Order of Saint Helena (Episcopal) is to show forth the love of Christ through a monastic life of prayer, hospitality, and service.

Core Values of OSH:

* Prayer: We celebrate the Holy Eucharist and pray the Daily Office together. We practice individual prayer, intercession, and meditation.

* Hospitality: We offer an oasis of welcome for our guests, both individuals and groups.

* Service: We minister and serve where our gifts meet the world’s needs.

* Tradition and Innovation: We are women living communally under a vow of monastic poverty, celibate chastity and obedience to God discerned through the common mind of the community. From Benedictine roots, we discern new ways to interpret traditional monasticism, striving to grow in diversity and inclusivity.

The Three-fold Vow:

* Poverty may be understood as having no possessions of one’s own, but living in simplicity and thankfulness, holding all goods in common and being willing to share what we have. It is reverence for the integrity of creation, caring for God’s world and refusing to exploit or misuse the gifts God has given us.

* Chastity may be understood as rooting in God our power to love and living in the single celibate state for the sake of love and service to God and humanity. It is reverence for the integrity of other people.

* Obedience may be understood as being open to hearing the will of God not only in one’s own prayer but also in the insights of others and in the common mind of the community. It is reverence for the integrity of oneself, especially as lived out in relationship to God and within the community.

The Episcopal Church:

We are connected to The Episcopal Church through our Bishop Visitor, who is elected by our sisters. Our current Bishop Visitor is The Rt. Rev. Carlye Hughes, Bishop of the Diocese of Newark NJ.

Chapel meditation corner vertical.jpg
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